Feminist Finance Syllabus

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Amateur Cities and Institute of Network Cultures are proud to present Feminist Finance Syllabus, a supplement to the Feminist Finance Zine titled Radical Care: Embracing Feminist Finance. It is a result of the Twitter conversations that took place during three launch events of the zine between April and May 2020.

This syllabus is a starting point for diving into the field of feminist finance. It features scholarly concepts, grassroots projects, artistic thought-experiments, fictional responses, and questions without answers. The events from which we sourced the references and quotes featured in our syllabus are just snapshots of bigger discussions and are in no way exhaustive. Our discussions were influenced by the events of early 2020, the experience of living through the COVID-19 pandemic, and its socio-economic consequences. This perspective framed already existing feminist debates in a different way, adding new urgencies to particular struggles. We saw important lines of thought emerge in the discussion, and structured them into six topics: fundamental critiques, radical care, interdependence, units of account, alternative money design, forms of organizing.

We would love to keep the conversation on feminist finance alive and this syllabus is an invitation to continue it. Download your digital copy of the Feminist Finance Syllabus here and follow the links in the syllabus to participate.

Participants: @AnitraNelson, @cordltx, @danmcquillan, @DeniseThwaites, @DocsNotCops, @DphnxBkkr, @ethel_baraona, @furtherfield, @g_ferri, @iang_fc, @jayapapaya, @liekeploeger, @marcgarrett20, @maxhaiven, @mirias, @NooraniSetareh, @panomatic, @PirateCare, @purpleorgreen, @Pyrate_Queen, @rosanicodegraaf, @shutup_shelley, @silviadmolina, @StrtAlice, @whatliat. Shikha Sethia, who doesn’t have a Twitter account, contributed via email.

We tweeted as: @amateurcities, @INCAmsterdam, @CAmpatzidou, @integloerich, @molend

Text: Ania Molenda and Inte Gloerich

Copyediting: Rebecca Cachia and Rose Rowson

Design: In the shade of a tree

Cover image: Molly Adams (CC BY 2.0)

Publisher: Amateur Cities and the Institute of Network Cultures, Rotterdam and Amsterdam, 2020.

Supported by: Creative Industries Fund NL, the Institute of Network Cultures (Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences), and Amateur Cities

License: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0).