Filorete Flock: A New Form of Network in an Emergent Democracy




This essay is based on research promoted by INDIRE, Italian National
Institute for Documentation, Innovation and Educational Research
in Education, and is developed under the research on ‘Professional
networks, Educational models and School principal’s profile in Italy’. On
the basis of observation and analysis of research data, a new theory
is assumed and new characteristics are defined, belonging to both
professional networks and educational models applied to all types
of professional networks. The characteristics so far identified are:
plastic nature of networks, network punctuated equilibrium, network
connectivity, emergent behavior and sociality of network members.
It is also shown how the knowledge shared in a network materializes in
Events that produce Event Capital. The theory will be complemented by
an experimentation phase.

Author: Isabel de Maurissens
Translation: Ilaria Polito
Editorial support: Geert Lovink and Leonieke van Dipten
Copy-editing: Ed Graham
Design: Leonieke van Dipten
Publisher: Institute of Network Cultures, Amsterdam, 2017