Navigating Theory on Demand

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Navigating Theory on Demand is a new way of reading, interacting and working with an e-publication. In collaboration with the PublishingLab a new reading platform has been developed for the Theory on Demand series to make the publications easily readable and browsable online.

That means that INC publications will evolve once more: next to PDF, epub and of course paper, we are now working towards a smartphone and tablet friendly reading experience based on HTML. Thus, Navigating TOD aims to find a new way of interacting with the publications and their content, by breaking away from the limitations of print and ebook.

The beta version of the platform is now online and ready to be tried out:

Please note that the platform is developed with The Gray Zones of Creativity and Capital, Theory on Demand #17, as focus point. This is the only publication that is available in the beta version as of now.

Feel free to give us any feedback and report any bug by writing us at:

For more info on the development of the project, visit the archive of Navigating Theory on Demand here: