TOD #16: Online Courtship – Interpersonal Interactions Across Borders

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About this publication: Computer mediated interpersonal interactions are defining our daily lives as we know it. Studying this phenomenon with various methodologies, across different cultures and traditions is a crucial component in understanding social ties. This book brings together articles that approach online dating from a range of cultural and critical perspectives.

The research decodes the level of engagement and manner of approaching online dating in various countries such as France, India, China, Turkey, Cuba, USA and Portugal. Mapping the history of dating and courtship shows the evolution of these practices even before the introduction of the online medium and traces parallels and differences between old and new traditions.

Colophon Editors: I. Alev Degim, James Johnson & Tao Fu. Copy-editing and design: Jess van Zyl. Editorial support: Miriam Rasch. EPUB development: Gottfried Haider and Jess van Zyl. Printer: ‘Print on Demand’. Publisher: Institute of Network Cultures, Amsterdam 2015. ISBN: 978-90-822345-7-2.