Society of the Query: Stop Searching, Start Questioning

With the Society of the Query conference – Stop Searching, Start Questioning -, the Institute of Network Cultures aimed to critically reflect on the information society and the dominant role of the search engine in our culture.What does this high dependency on search engines to manage the complex system of knowledge on the Internet mean? What alternatives exist? What is the future of interface design? How do we deal with centralization on the Web and how does this relate to many social media platforms increasingly becoming more syndicated, divorcing content form structure?

The Society of the Query conference report is an overview of the conference held in November 2009 in Amsterdam. The file functions both as a summary and as archive of the project. It consists of the key results, the conference program, all conference blogposts and many other (research) blogposts concerning the topic of online search and search engines.

inc_icon_pdf_@2x Report available as pdf.

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