Textile Tings: On Identity and Trust

Textile Tings: On Identity and Trust
By Klara Debeljak

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Once we’ve left the jargon there is a sense of freedom out there. What the world needs now is unruly thinking that leaves behind academic formalism and identitarian policing. The theory vibe on display here offers the best of European continental thinking that has freed itself from the contemporary fragmentation and marketing hypes. The essay form and related visual materials presented open up a speculative space where literary texts feed off artistic investigations. Let’s foster dark knowledge for the multitudes.

Design: Klara Debeljak
Co-design: Sujin Lee, Sanna Rink, Mihaili Pavlopoulos, Jordi De Vetten

Copy editing: Chloƫ Arkenbout, Geert Lovink
Font: Armand Grotesque by Charlotte Rohde
Printing and binding: Kudla Press, Prague
Production assistance: Lobster Space, Prague

Publisher: Institute of Network Cultures, Amsterdam, 2022

ISBN: 9789492302823

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