TOD #48: The Politics of Platformization – Amsterdam Dialogues on Platform Theory




Theory on Demand #48

The Politics of Platformization: Amsterdam Dialogues on Platform Theory

Interviews by Gianmarco Cristofari — Illustrations by Carlotta Artioli 

What is platformization and why is it a relevant category in the contemporary political landscape? How is it related to cybernetics and the history of computation? 

This book tries to answer such questions by engaging in multidisciplinary dialogues about the first ten years of the emerging fields of platform studies and platform theory. It deploys a narrative and playful approach that makes use of anecdotes, personal histories, etymologies, and futurable speculations to investigate both the fragmented genealogy that led to platformization and the organizational and economic trends that guide nowadays platform sociotechnical imaginaries. 

The dialogues cover fields such as media studies, software studies, internet governance, network theory, urban studies, social movement studies, political economy, management, and platform regulation. The interviews are set up to develop a network of internal cross-references that highlight the multi-layered connections from which platform power emerges.

In conversation with: Davide Beraldo and Giovanni Rossetti; Balázs Bodó; Letizia Chiappini; Niels van Doorn; Anne Helmond; Joris van Hoboken; Paddy Leerssen; Geert Lovink; Stefania Milan; Niels ten Oever; Thomas Poell; Martijn de Waal.

Copy editors: Tripta Chandola, Damian Borovsky, and Benedetta Rossi.
Illustrations: Carlotta Artioli
Cover design: Katja van Stiphout
Design and EPUB development: Tommaso Campagna
Printing and binding: GPS Internationale Handels Holding GMBH 

Published by the Institute of Network Cultures, Amsterdam 2023.

ISBN print: 9789492302984
ISBN EPUB: 9789492302991

Institute of Network Cultures
Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (HvA)

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This publication was funded with the help of Global Digital Culture, University of Amsterdam.

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