Zero Infinite #1 Pausing Precarity

About the podcast: What does it mean to be precarious, and who self-identifies as part of the precariat? Is it a political position? And if so, how can precariats start to organize themselves? In this first episode of the Zero Infinite podcast we discuss precarity, anti-austerity and work through interviews with Alex Foti, Baruch Gottlieb and Henry Warwick. How did the precariat arise, and who exactly is part of the precariat? The second half of the episode is a homage to the work of the late Mark Fisher. We listen to audio clips from his talk at the INC event MyCreativity in 2014, in which he analyzed the nature of neoliberalism and its consequences for individual wellbeing. What influence does a social system have on mental health, and how can this responsibility become clear?

In the studio: Miriam Rasch, Max Dovey, Inte Gloerich

Contributors: Leonieke van Dipten, Alex Foti, Baruch Gottlieb, Henry Warwick, Mark Fisher, Ania Molenda and Cristina Ampatzidou.

Publisher: Institute of Network Cultures, Amsterdam, Februari 2017.


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