Essential Readings

Books by related writers:

Andrew Ross, ‘No Collar’, Basic Books
Brenda Laurel, ‘Design Research’, MIT
Brenda Laurel, ‘Utopian Entrepreneur’, MIT
Gui Bonsiepe, ‘Interface: an approach to design’, Jan Van Eyck Akademie, Maastricht
Guy Julier, ‘The Culture of Design’, Sage Publications
Jakob Nielsen, ‘Designing Web Usability’, New Riders Publishing
Jay David Bolter & Richard Grusin, ‘Remediation, Understanding New Media’, MIT Press
Max Bruinsma, ‘Deep Sites’, Thames and Hudson
Max Bruinsma, ‘An Ideal Design is Not Yet’, in ‘The World must Change’, Sandberg Instituut
Ursula Huws, ‘The making of a Cybertariat’, Merlin
Steven Johnson, ‘Interface Culture’, Harper Edge

Books by speakers/chairs:

Adrian Mackenzie, ‘Transductions, bodies and machines at speed’, Continuum Press

Geert Lovink, ‘Dark Fiber’, MIT Press
Geert Lovink, ‘Uncanny Networks’, MIT Press
Geert Lovink, ‘My First Recession’, V2_/NAi Publishers

Helen Petrie, ‘Accessibility: Tension, what tension?: Website accessibility and visual design ‘, ACM Press

John Chris Jones, ‘The Internet and Everyone’, Ellipsis

Michael Indergaard, ‘Silicon Alley’, Routledge

Matthew Fuller, ‘Behind the Blip’, Autonomedia
Matthew Fuller, ‘ATM’, ShaKe Edizione

Peter Lunenfeld, ‘Snap to Grid’, MIT Press
Peter Lunenfeld, ‘The Digital Dialectic: New Essays on New Media’, MIT Press

Richard Rogers, ‘Preferred Placement’ Jan van Eyck Academie
Richard Rogers, ‘Information Politics on the Web’, MIT Press

Rosalind Gill, ‘New Media: Working Practices in the Electronic Arts’



Selected Entries ethno-blogging

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