M.I.T. khr0n1kles [ bonus track ]

If I had to summarize my whole overseas experience in one sentence,

I would say it has been a long and overstimulating heterogony of ends.

I was supposed to travel in 2020,
I ended up travelling in 2022;

I was supposed to fly to a film school in Chicago,
I ended up in a research university in Boston;

I was supposed to stay abroad for just 4 months,
I ended up staying some extra 3 months.

On top of that,
as in [m]any unanticipated {daisy} chain[s]-of-events,

the intrisic MAGIC fully / clearly revealed itself across the very end..

– ♦ – ♦ –

Introducing Lupe FIASCO
rapper, producer, (martial) artist & many other things
– but above all, desk[topian]mate
during my frantic / final summer months @ The Trope Tank

+++ check this link if you wanna know why and how
we ended up sharing the same lab space for a while +++

We absolutely didn’t know each other, but almost immediately started to envision intersecting trajectories: I come form quite a huge musical background, Lupe was curious about my Fulbright project / I started to investigate his astonishing [conscious] hip hop carreer, he wanted to know more about screencast storytelling / while loosely brainstorming about a music video to associate with his next single (NB = Lupe’s latest album, “Drill Music in Zion”, came out just a week before we met), we ended up converging on a bunch of some decidedly desktopian ideas.

– ♦ – ♦ –

I started working on the video concept / specs
soon after my return to Italy.

After some good ol’ testing ‘n’ prototyping,
the final version has seen the light around Xmas.

The clip was released at the beginning of 2023,
giving rise to some interesting (fan?) debates here and there.

Wanna contribute with your own
aberrant decoding / unlimited semiosis take ?

[ little tip = it’s a veeeery manipulated piece of visual entertainment ]

¡ endless heterogony of hands !