Book launch Florian Cramer – Anti-Media: 13 September 2013

When: August 19, 2013

The official launch of Anti-Media. Ephemera on Speculative Arts will be held on September 13th in WORM in Rotterdam. Florian Cramer will give an 8 hour lecture, improvisation-style. Admission is free. Be there!

Book launch at 16:00 hrs
Entrance is free, you may come and go whenever they want
WORM, ground floor/
Boomgaardsstraat 71, 3012 XA Rotterdam

The book is a collection of essays on high and low culture, avant-garde and trash: 17th century experimental poetry, music machines, Neonazi communication guerilla, Alvin Lucier, Internet porn, anti-copyright, creative industries, post-digitality, Mail Art, Rosicrucianism and hacker cultures, to name only a few. A book on the same obsessions that drive WORM.

We make money not art writes:
‘I’ve never reviewed nor even read anything that looked remotely like this book before. It is bold, thought-provoking, and extremely fast-paced.’

1. There is art, and there is anti-art.
2. If that is so, there must also be anti-media.
3. ‘Media’ as a term is as fuzzy as ‘art’.
4. Both ‘art’ and ‘media’ refuse to go away.
Anti-media is what remains if one debunks the notion of media but can’t get rid of it.

This book reflects on anti-copyright, porn, creative industries, post- punk, Arts and Crafts and constructivism, cooking as contemporary art, Oulipo, post-digitality, mezangelle, Anonymous and 4chan, Fluxus, amateurism, file sharing networks, pop culture, 17th century poetry, electroacoustic music, Neonazi communication guerilla, Rotterdam, romanticism, electronic literature, Mail Art, ontology, Super 8, Rosicrucianism and conceptual art.

The book can be ordered in your local bookshop, online resellers or from the nai010 webshop.