Expanded Publishing Fest #2 – Space-In / Space-Out – INC & NERO Editions

When: April 19, 2024 -
April 20, 2024
19:00 - 03:00

Where: OT301 Overtoom 301 Amsterdam

Expanded Publishing Fest #2

Space-In / Space-Out

19 April, 19:00-03:00 @OT301, Amsterdam

talks * performances * live coding * micro book fair * tactical television * club night

– free entry –

Join us for a program of performances and talks 🎤, a micro book fair 📚, a live tactical television broadcast 📹, and a club night 🎶 at OT301 in Amsterdam!
This event is part of the ongoing European project .expub and is curated in collaboration with NERO Editions and Gytis Dovydaitis.


have lost my keys in cyberspace and now I can’t enter my house.

I spilled that digital porridge and my computer stopped working.

My metaverse shoes got drenched and now I’m near hypothermia.

From cloud to matter, from thought to cables, from light to meaning, from void to being.

Our internet-connected devices hold an unprecedented power to multiply us into a manifold of realities. The conventional way to conceptualize this is segregational – we “space-out” and we’re in cyberspace. However, as Heidegger noticed, one of the essential spatial practices of living beings is coming-into-nearness: “spacing-in”. Adding Lefebvre, the space that we space-out and space-in is a social product: not simply an element or sphere within which the social operates, but rather the expression of it. It’s a multitude of connections, flows of communication and capital, conditioned by politics and economic relationships, defined by class struggles, represented by those in power, and lived by those who are subject to that power. The complex composite of ontologies that are unified within the internet are territories where cables and devices are juxtaposed with class struggle, virtual internet protocols, geopolitics, and human cognition. The escapist “spacing-out” is only one part of the picture. Let’s space-in.

19:00-22:00 📖    Perfromances, Talks & Live Stream Art 📹

The Expanded Publishing Fest #2, program is curated by Gytis Dovydaitis, visiting INC researcher, in collaboration with cultural platform 3022.  This session will be broadcast live on The Void, an audiovisual podcast platform for experimental publishing and artistic research started by the INC in 2022.


  • Chapter #1 – Material: talk + coding performance by Karolis Lasys and e.else_if
  • Chapter #2 – Mental: talk + ritual by Adomas & Justė
  • Chapter #3 – Virtual: discussion with Archival Consciousness
  • Chapter #4 – Social: online performance “The Square” by Augustas Lapinskas
  • Chapter #5 – Geographical: talk by Critical Infrastructure Lab.

Music by Voidless

19:00-22:00 📚  Micro Book Fair

In parallel to the live program, the Micro Book Fair will take place. Independent cultural publishers from the INC network will present their publications.


  • Aksioma
  • Dutch Independent Art Book Publishers
  • Humdrum Press
  • Institute of Network Cultures
  • NERO Editions
  • Spookstad

Make sure to bring some cash and a big bag to take those beautiful publications home!

22:00-03:00 🎶 Club Night

After the live program and book fair, the Expanded Publishing Fest will turn into a club night curated in collaboration with NERO Editions.

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