Screentime Airtime Facetime: Practicing Hybridity in Cultural Institutions

When: November 10, 2023 13:00 - 16:00

How can participatory livestreaming, hybrid publications and living archives be developed in order to share these experimentally broadcasted events with diverse audiences?
Join us for our first book-livestream: Screentime Airtime Facetime


Going Hybrid!, the research project led by the Institute of Network Cultures alongside its partners, is happy to announce the launch of the final publication, celebrating the end of the two-year cycle through questioning hybrid experiments and strategies in the cultural sector.Screentime Airtime Facetime is in itself a hybrid experiment: a live-publication, where event is book, book turns from event, a live that will then be transcribed.

With its twists and roadblocks, forks and intersections, this research has explored much more than that hybridity that comes to mind, with meetings and QR codes and avatars. Yes, the physical and digital have mixed and merged in hybrid new realities, but we intend to elaborate on hybridity beyond that: across media and spaces, tools and methods, challenging the conceptions of hierarchy, access, or time that often come with different cultural experiences. How does hybridity shift the reading, writing, and publishing process? How can an archive become alive? And how can an audience interact in hybrid events?
On the 10th of November, between 13h—16h, we welcome you to the livestream, hosted at

During the afternoon, we will move from chapter-conversations to chapter-conversations, intercalated by active intermissions that give a closer insight into the glitches, awkwardness, and interruptions of hybrid practices. After the event, this live-publication will be archived in the form of a web and print publication.