THE VOID PopUp Studio X REMIX Fest – October 5th at 12:00

When: October 5, 2023 12:00 - 16:00

Where: Beeld & Geluid Media Parkboulevard 1 1217 WE Hilversum

We are happy to announce the second episode of THE VOID PopUp Studio. This Thursday, October 5th, we will be streaming from the Sound and Vision (Hilversum) during REMIX Fest.

The Void is a research project by the Institute of Network Cultures which aims to explore, experiment and expand publishing for audiovisual research practices. Expanded publishing – as we define it – is a research lens, that combines hybrid cross-media practices, bridging the gap between traditional stand-alone publications and live (audiovisual) events. To expand publishing is to stop seeing publications, either print, web or audiovisual, as a product at the end of a process, but as a potential event allowing a new multiplicity of encounters. In this sense, expanded publishing is connected to living archives and databases – both ways of reconfiguring stored documents into collective practices. With this in mind, and inspired by the widespread presence of streaming in today’s online landscape – as well as the questions it poses to the audience/producer distinction – The Void’s popup studio proposes to reframe streaming as a collective video event. Video is then no longer a thing, an object to produce, distribute, and archive. Instead, we will invite speakers at REMIX Fest to participate in the video as a collective act of simultaneous shooting, editing, distributing and archiving.

→↓ Guests:
– Kiki Lennaerts (Sound and Vision)
– Mariana Lanari and Remco van Bladel (Archival Consciousness)
– Carlo de Gaetano (Visual methodologies collective)
– Maxim Tyminko, Tatiana Kochubinska and Aleksander Komarov (ANTIWARCOALITION.ART)
More TBA…

↓→ Hosts:
– Tommaso Campagna (T.V.)
– Klara Debeljak (T.V.)
– Jordi Viader Guerero (T.V.)
– Giulia Timis (T.V. / UKRAiNATV)

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