THE VOID T.V. – Tactical Video #1 [15-02-2024]

When: February 15, 2024 16:30 - 18:30

Where: HvA Benno Premselahuis / Online Rhijnspoorplein 1 1091GC Amsterdam


T.V. is a hybrid event and publication series by THE VOID, a practice-based research project of the Institute of Network Cultures. ​​​​​​​

THE VOID’s goal is to practice online video differently. We see video as an opportunity to come together and figure out how to inhabit online spaces with vulnerability and solidarity. For THE VOID, video is a hybrid event, an occasion to pollute online spaces with offline encounters and, vice versa, to rearrange how we physically exist together through the tool of the studio. A pop-up studio branching out into the offline (events, zines, workshops) and online (a website, repository, publications, live stream), producing occasions to share and plot common urgencies, resources, and know-how. Using online video as a way to share practices and politically engaged understandings for the production, archiving, distribution, and interpretation of online content,  we want to underline the inherent hybrid togetherness of the online experience.

Inspired by the production and distribution methods of television, with THE VOID T.V. we want to explore the possibilities of online video streaming to create regular events. Rather than depicting events, with this series of broadcasts THE VOID will manufacture events. Bringing back the ambitions of tactical media, during these broadcasts video will become a space for gathering, making alliances, conspiring, and creating networks of solidarity. This hybrid space is open for monthly collaborations with activists, researchers, and artists interested in exploring the tactical possibilities of video. You can contact us at or

📹 T.V. Studio

🔗 T.V. Streaming

T.V. Program #1 

  • [16:00] Intro by T.V. Team
  • [16:45] The Real Housewives of Knowledge (Performance Lecture) By Riad Salameh
  • [17:20] Tactical Media Room (Interview with Palestinian activist)
  • [17:45] Gaming Intermission by Jordi Viader Guerrero and Giulia Timis
  • [18:00] UKRAiNATV Bridge
  • […] Music Vibes by Power Switch

Join online here or physically at the Hva TV Studio
@ THE VOIDHVA TV Studio-2 Rhijnspoorplein 1,
1091GC Amsterdam