When: February 10, 2024 -
February 11, 2024
21:00 - 03:00

Where: Teatro delle Bellezze Piazza dei Coronari 1 Rome

Oltre la soglia, al centro dei desideri


  • h 21:00 Priscilla De Pace e Valentina Tanni (Talk/THE VOID Livestream)
  • h 22:00 POLYSICK (Live)
  • h 23:00 LEE GAMBLE (Live)
  • h 24:00 OPIUM CHILD, SelectXXX

Watch the event livestream here (21:00-22:00)

NERO invites you to EXIT REALITY | LIMINAL ROME: Oltre la soglia, al centro dei desideri. An event that will infiltrate the liminal spaces of Rome, insinuating itself into the cracks of our perception of reality.

The program includes a meeting between Valentina Tanni and Pricilla de Pace, for a talk focused on internet aesthetics that transcend the boundaries of reality. This first part of the event will be hosted in THE VOID, an audio-visual experiment developed by the Institute for Network Cultures. The discussion will take place in a PoUp studio that will serve as both a meeting and live streaming environment. In turn, the videos recorded on this occasion will be used for the .expub project and will be transformed into an experimental comic by Ilan Manouach and the Echo Chamber Studios.

Then we move on to the ghostly and experimental music of Polysick, a Roman artist active since the 2010s in the field of electronic music in all its branches and variations.

Next up, Lee Gamble, a legendary musician, producer, and DJ. After a series of records on the PAN label, he finally landed at Steve Goodman/Kode 9’s Hyperdub, where his latest album “Models” was released in 2023, experimenting with new forms of collaboration between human input and artificial intelligence. On his personal label UIQ, he has published works by, among others, Lanark Artefax, Zuli, Nkisi, Emma DJ, Renick Bell…

And finally, Opium Child, one of the specters haunting NERO, embodying the subharmonic murmur of the tentacular abyss.

This event is even more special because it marks the beginning of .expub, a Creative Europe research project exploring the idea of Expanded Publishing.

Nero Editions has joined forces with the Institute for Networked Cultures (Amsterdam), Aksioma (Ljubljana), and Echo Chamber (Brussels) for a biennial of experiments on new publishing formats. The idea is to bring to light knowledge and practices developed by members over the past years in an industry, that of publishing, which continues to expand beyond the classic terms of traditional linear publishing. Through events, public programming, print and digital publications, .expub aims to create an operational model for Expanded Publishing.

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