Organic Intellectual Work: Interview with Andrew Ross

I have posted an email interview with the US-American intellectual activist Andrew Ross on my blog pages and to the nettime-l mailinglist. The reason for this exchange was the MyCreativity conference in Amsterdam that we organized in November 2006. At the last minute Andrew Ross was not able to attend the event. In the months leading up to the event I read his latest book “Fast Boat to China: Corporate Flight and the Consequences of Free Trade; Lessons from Shanghai” with great pleasure. I was struck by the continuity in his work, the threads that lead you from his New York dotcom book, the “clean clothes” anti-sweatshop movement account to earlier works, which all have in common that they are beautifully narrated and thoroughly researched. Another reason, as I mentioned, is the current ‘creative industries’  and ‘precarity’ debate that we started with MyCreativity project in which Andrew Ross is playing a significant role.