The Second Bauhaus Destruction: Interview with Ralf Homann

In April 2007 I conducted an interview, in German, with the German artist and activist Ralf Homann who is professor for experimental radio at the Bauhaus University in Weimar. Here it is it. The email exchange was made for a special issue of Micreaux, nr. 24, published by the Plattform studentischer Initiativen and appeared in print, with a CD. The publication was in high demand and is no longer available. There were even copies that included a vinyl record! The occasion of this special publication was the departure in September 2007 of Ralf Homann as a professor. Homann was fired and forced out of his job for political reasons after a lengthy legal battle. In this interview we decided not to focus too much on the lengthy and difficult bureaucratic side of this scandal. Instead, we looked at the ‘radio theory’ part of Ralf Homann’s work, the role of activism and his artistic and pedagogical methodologies. I was in Weimar early February 2007, together with Ralf and his students, where we discussed, amongst others, what to do with the rich legacy of the department, better known on the Internet as There is going to be an English translation of this interview at some point. If you would like to help us out, please contact me or Ralf. Best, Geert & Ralf