German translation of Zero Comments out now

Zero Comments, Geert LovinkI am proud to announce that the (integral) German translation of my last book Zero Comments (Routledge, 2007) has just been published by the Bielefeld publishing house Transcript Verlag. More info in German here. The German title is Zero Comments, Elemente einer kritischen Internetkultur. Thanks a lot to Andreas Kallfelz and his team who did the translation and copy editing work and, together with Transcript, turned it into an exetremely readable text. There is an Italian translations too, but that only contains 1/3 of the text. To me, the German text sounds sounds better than the orginal text in English, and closer to what I intend to say. I am not sure what to do with such a (self)observation. It would be great to switch to German but then I may as well start writing Dutch again–something which I have not done since the mid nineties. This is not likely to happen. The fact is that many more read my texts in my very own version of global English. And the problem of translation will always remain, in one way or another. This time we succeeded and I am always very proud to hold a translation in my hands. It’s magic. Dark Fiber was translated into German, back in 2004, but My First Recession wasn’t.