Impressions of ‘Space is the Place’ Installation @Droog

Exhibition SPACE IS THE PLACE @Droog, October 9 – November 31, 2019 , Staalstraat 7A/B, Amsterdam. Open daily from 9 AM – 7 PM. From the website: “Get lost in your desires and dreams on the Future. We live in a media vortex and space is nearby or already here. An installation on our human conditions by Geoffrey Lillemon and Mieke Gerritzen. Thanks to: Ward Janssen, Melanie van Klaveren, Yara van Teefelen, Kazimir Lovink, and more.” The installation consists of 21 ‘dystopian’ techno mannequins, divided into two opposing crowds. On the one side there is the virtual reality tribe, defined by their long hair and Mars GPS coordinates, on the other side silver-dressed fashionistas, wearing slogan shirts, that make all-too-familiar poses with their smart phones, distracted by their artifical reality apps. VR vs. AR, a 21st century clash of cultures: two radically different cultures of ‘space’ and ‘place’.