Geert Lovink text archive (1999-2010) transferred to INC

The dilemma is an old one: should one spread one’s legacy here and there in order to minimize risks to lose the information all at once or rather centralize the archives to make sure that the scattered bits and pieces do not disappear unnoticed? In my case the pendulum is swinging back. After the Bilwet/Adilkno archive, with materials of several people I worked with almost disappeared, we brought it back (with the help of Jaap) here, inside the INC website.

Now something similar happened to a text archive I made around 2005-2010 with my own texts. At the time I had no idea how long the Institute of Network Cultures (and its website) was going to last. Now this archive has also also moved, thanks to Frances d’Ath, the web designer who was once in charge of

Here is the new spot: