Invitation to Remix We Are Not Sick’s Sad by Design Album

Sad By Design, Remixed

We Are Not Sick is proud to announce the availability for immediate remixing of all source material from their album Sad By Design at the Internet Archive.

This includes the audio stems of each song, allowing the complete remixing using any element from the original edition.

We invite the world to reconfigure, reshape, and re-envision the project into new expressions of the themes we have explored. All remixes will be published on our YouTube channel and will be eligible for inclusion on the next official release from We Are Not Sick.

Submissions should be shared via email to The final date for submissions is 15 May 2021.

Please share this announcement with anyone who may find it engaging!

Source files

Not only are the source audio stems available, but the entire collection of Geert’s words as recorded for source material of the album have been catalogued and curated – 2075 individual utterances of 848 different words are available in individual files, just waiting to be re-composed into new phrases for your own remix.[^1]

Or if you would prefer to use some of Geert’s original phrases, there are 419 phrases to choose from – often with at least two variations of each, allowing you to find the one that best suits the sound you are working towards.

[1]: These were extracted from 363 REX files, an excellent choice if you are using a REX-compatible sampler such as Dr. Octorex, Kontakt, or most other commercial sampling software.

About We Are Not Sick

We Are Not Sick is a hybrid lecture/music performance by Geert Lovink and John Longwalker. Combining a diversity of text-, image-, and music-genres, the project reflects on the encroaching sadness provoked by social media architectures.

The first album of material, Sad By Design, is available on for streaming everywhere and for purchase at Bandcamp. It exists as a re-interpretative soundtrack to Geert’s book of the same name.