Welcome to the Institute of Network Culture’s Crowdfunding Toolkit!

Are you active in the creative sector?
Are you an artist, cultural practitioner, researcher, social entrepreneur, designer or programmer?
Are you interested in financing a (future) project with crowdfunding?
Want to learn more about crowdfunding in general?

Then the Crowdfunding Toolkit is for you!
Its aim is to better inform you about what the crowdfunding process involves, before you start your own campaign.

This Crowdfunding Toolkit is part of the MoneyLab: Coining Alternatives project – an initiative of the Institute of Network Cultures and Hogeschool van Amsterdam.

Learn more about crowdfunding for creative industries by exploring the three pillars of the toolkit:

1. What is the right crowdfunding platform for my project idea?

Explore an interactive database of 60 Dutch and international crowdfunding platforms for creative projects. You can filter and sort them by different criteria and view how they score on average number of funders, average contribution, total raised amounts and more.

viz interface

Explore here!

2. Read this series of 8 interviews with creatives who have already crowdfunded!

We interviewed people from different fields of practice (filmmakers, performance artists, social entrepreneurs etc). The interviews explore the challenges and opportunities they faced in the process. Learn more about it!

3. What to expect from crowdfunding? Check out the results of this survey!

We surveyed 60 people who crowdfunded about key aspects of the crowdfunding process. How much time did they invest in the campaign? What tasks are more time-consuming? Who are their funders? What communication channels bring more funders? What is the average donation? What is the average number of funders? Would they crowdfund again?

hours per week

View more statistics!

Research: Irina Enache and Robert van Boeschoten

Design: Gabriele Colombo