MoneyLab Crowdfunding Toolkit credentials:

Research: Irina Enache and Robert van Boeschoten

Irina Enache is a new media enthusiast and researcher within the MoneyLab project at the Institute of Network Cultures. She gained her BA in Communication and Public Relations in Bucharest, Romania (2011) and the MA in New Media and Digital Culture in Amsterdam, Netherlands (2013). Her MA thesis addressed the reconfiguration of money’s meaning, brought about by an exploding activity of online currencies. She was part of TimeBank Romania in 2012-2013.

Robert van Boeschoten is a philosopher (PhD on Marshall McLuhan, 1996) who is interested in the cultural impact of media on our society at large, and particularly within organizations. His work is divided between two institutions; at the Communication and Multimedia Design department of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (HvA), where he teaches future scenario’s in digital network organizations, and the University for Humanistic Studies (UvH) in Utrecht where he is a lecturer and researcher in organisation theory,technology and aesthetics.

Design: Gabriele Colombo

Gabriele Colombo holds a Master degree in Communication Design from Politecnico di Milano. His focus is on data visualization, infographics and visual storytelling. In the past years, he has gained a good experience in designing visual tools to facilitate academic and market research projects. He has worked at The Visual Agency, an Italian design agency focused on infographics and often collaborates as a visual designer with the Digital Methods Initiative. Colombo works now as researcher/designer at MediaLAB Amsterdam and collaborated with the INC in designing MoneyLab’s Crowdfunding Visualization Toolkit.

Special thanks to:
Our interviewees, for making time to share their experiences (Amos Ben-Tal, Thijs Schreuder Rinnooy Kan, Mendel Hardeman, Josje Damsma, Sietske Roscam Abbing, Jane Huldman, Jiska de Vries).

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About MoneyLab: Coining Alternatives

The MoneyLab Crowdfunding Toolkit is part of the MoneyLab: Coining Alternatives project – an initiative of the Institute of Network Cultures, Amsterdam. It considers digital experiments with revenue models, payment systems and currencies against the backdrop of ongoing global economic decline.

Supported by:
Hogeschool van Amsterdam
Amsterdam Creative Industries, Centre of Expertise

Educational partner:
University of Warwick

MoneyLab team:
Geert Lovink (INC), Nathaniel Tkacz (University of Warwick), Patricia de Vries (INC coordinator), Irina Enache (INC researcher), Robert van Boeschoten ( Hogeschool van Amsterdam – Communication, Multimedia and Design lecturer and researcher) and Vicentiu Dinga (INC researcher and co-organizer).