MoneyLab: conference, bazaar, workshops & film program

Meanwhile, at the INC & MoneyLab headquarters:
We are preparing the conference, but also the complementary events. Here’s what we have in store for you:

Friday, March 21: Four crowdfunding workshops

Organizer: Teach2fish

Time slots:

1. Crowdfunding workshop for beginners: 09:30-10:30

2. Crowdfunding workshop for advanced: 11:15-12:15

3. Crowdfunding workshop for beginners: 14:00-15:00

4. Crowdfunding workshop for advanced: 16:00-17:00

The workshop is included in the ticket price.  Please sign up at; mention the time slot you wish to attend. You can also sign up at the registration desk on Saturday 22, but best save a spot ahead of time.

Saturday, March 22: Alternatives bazaar & film program

A number of organizations involved with alternative finance/currencies will be present throughout the day, looking forward to meet visitors  for acquaintance, discussion, exchange of ideas and advice during the breaks or sessions. Each organization is presenting a different type of exhibition, from books and flyers to visual installations and experiments. Come and meet the people directly engaged with alternatives, and get involved!

Bazaar participants: Timebank CC. // Noppes // Qoin // Next Nature Network // Fundus Theater & Geheimagentur // Peerby // Share NL // a Bitcoin ATM // Transition Towns Netherlands // Kunst Reserve Bank.

There will furthermore be a film program running in the cinema hall of the venue. Visitors are welcome to drop by and watch the short films on money & society, and money & art.

TRANSFORMONEY 2.0 –  A film by Daniel Nogueira and Dadara

MON3Y as an 3RRROR | MON3Y.US  –  Curated & happened by Vasily Zaitsev (

BITCOIN CLOUD  –   Film by Artistic Technology Research // Tarasiewicz/Gurresch/Repp // (

SLIDES FROM THE  MONEY AND ART LIVING ARCHIVE –  Curated by Max Haiven, Assistant Professor, Nova Scotia College of Art and Design (

Regular tickets are 30 euro/day. Students have a 50% discount.

Tickets can be purchased here. You can also pay at the entrance, cash only!

See you next week!

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