Please join the first MoneyLab General Assembly on November 15 at Tolhuistuin

Please join the first MoneyLab General Assembly

When? 15 November 2019

Where?  Tolhuistuin, Amsterdam 

What time? 5:30pm – 7:00pm

Why? To identify key issues and urgent additions and set up collaborations

MoneyLab is dedicated to understanding the socio-political implications of and developments in digital economy and financial technologies and to experiment with forms of financial democratization. 

We are organizing the first ever MoneyLab General Assembly. The aim of this GA is threefold:

1) Co-producing a Research Agenda for the coming year(s)

2) Setting up collaborations and Consortiums

3) Presenting the coming editions of MoneyLab#8, #9, #10 

1) 5:30 pm – 6:15 pm: Research Agenda Setting

Democratization of finance means inclusion and intersection. We would like to co-produce a research agenda that identifies the most urgent themes, fresh takes and long-standing blindspots, and who of you is doing this important work. 

This agenda is meant to map common concerns and interests and possible collaborations and consortiums to take this further.  

The previous seven years MoneyLab focused on three core domains:

– Artistic and activist engagements with emerging fin-tech;

– Intersectional and theoretical engagements with finance and money systems; 

– Experiments with alternative, democratic, distributed value and exchange systems. 

Going forward, we like to continue this line of research and take things further with our network and affiliates. We want to meet, scheme, organise, share ideas, and collaborate with you, and preferably either outside or parasitic to archaic research institutes and structures.  

2) 6: 15 pm – 6:45 pm: Clustering & Convening 

We want to make things as concrete as possible. How can we, those who work on shared issues and ideas, foster an interdisciplinary community that is able to find and embolden each other, virtually and physically. Do you want to form a consortium or a local node in the network? What are the main obstacles that keep you from organising and collaborating? Did you find ways to go around them? Where ways of collaborating have you found most helpful? What role do you see for yourself in the ML network for the coming year? Where would you like to contribute? 

3) 6:45 pm – 7:00 pm: MoneyLab Ljubjana, Helsinki, Berlin and Canberra 

What’s cooking? The coming year promises to be a good year for MoneyLab. Hear about the plans of the MoneyLab network in Ljubljana, Helsinki, Berlin and Canberra. We would like to know who’s coming and who wants to join the next editions of MoneyLab!