Feminist Finance Zine – Reading Room 3: Imagining new infrastructures

When: May 26, 2020 20:00 - 21:00

Where: Twitter #FFZine #FFZinfra

Amateur Cities and the Institute of Network Cultures are launching the Feminist Finance Zine: Embracing Radical Care. It is a collaborative work focusing on economic alternatives and inclusive financial futuring. The zine aims to inspire local networks of care and democratic infrastructures of money.

Join our Twitter-based Reading Rooms. Each event will be an hour-long live discussion focussing on (1) feminist economics, (2) radical care, and (3) alternative financial infrastructures. We will use topics addressed in the zine as a starting point of an open and engaging discussion on practical examples and possible futures.

To join follow and use #FFZine and the hashtag of the specific Reading Room (#FFZpatriarchy, #FFZcare,#FFZinfra) on Twitter.
See you there!

Reading Room #3: Imagining new infrastructures
Tuesday 26 May, 8PM-9PM CET
Join us by using the hashtags: #FFZinfra #FFZine

We interviewed artist Ruth Catlow and researcher Reijer Hendrikse on new ecosystems of value and the limits of neoliberalism. In the third and last Reading Room, we will collectively brainstorm which alternative economic values to embrace in the future and think together about how we can become more open to the unknown in order to let new ideas flourish.

Tune in at 8PM to participate in a moderated discussion. We will post our questions throughout the event and are curious to read yours.

This event is part of the Feminist Finance Zine launch series. Find out more about the other events in this series here:
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