Our Creative Reset is a research program for culture after Covid19, exploring new principles and strategies for cultural work, policy, and solidarity. This includes a broad scope, ranging from a summer school around the theme of ‘post-precarity’, experiments with hybrid (off- and online) cultural events, and models for decentral redistribution of income.

Our Creative Reset is the next step in our tradition of research in working conditions in (digital) culture. When the INC made its first-ever episode of the podcast ‘Zero Infinite’ in 2017, it was about Pausing Precarity. This legacy goes back to 2005 when we organized the conference A Decade of Web-Design and was further developed in the MyCreativity research program – including two conferences in 2006 and 2014, the publication of the MyCreativity Reader (2007) and Rosalind Gill’s Network Notebook Technobohemians or the New Cybertariat? (2009).


The visual identity of Our Creative Reset is designed by Wieke Willemsen (https://www.instagram.com/wiekewillemsen/).

Typefaces: Ortica & Ortica Bold by Benedetta Bovani (Collletttivo, 2019)

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