0- Opening Remarks
1- What is a Book?
2- The Unbound Book
3- Ascent of E-Readers
4- Future Publishing Industries
5- Books by Design
6- Horizons of Education and Authoring
7- Rietfeld Student Videos
8- Book Launches

0- Opening Remarks

Introduction to The Unbound Book Conference, by Joost Kircz and Adriaan van der Weel

The Unbound Book Leader

1- What is a Book

Arianne Baggerman (NL) – The Unbound Reader of the Future

Q&A Session 1: What is a Book?

Miha Kovac (SI) – End of Private Reading and Birth of Book Singles: New Media Brings New Messages

Alan Liu (US) – This is Not a Book: Long Forms of Shared Attention in the Digital Age

2-  What is a Book

Session 2: The Unbound Book, introduction by Geert Lovink

Florian Cramer (GE/NL) – Unbound Books: Bound Ex Negativo

Gary Hall: Liquid, Living Books

Bernhard Rieder (NL/FR) – 81,498 Words: The Book As Data Object

Bob Stein (US) – Social Reading is No Longer an Oxymoron

3- Ascent of E-readers

Session 3: Ascent of E-Readers, introduction by Joost Kircz

Ray Siemens (CA) – Sturm und Drang, Sound and Fury? E-reading Essentials in a Time of Change and unFixity

Anne Mangen (NO) – Why Bother With Print? Reflections on the Role of Fixity, Linearity and Structure for Sustained Reading

Robert Max Steenkist (NL/CO) – Emancipation and New Media: Some Effects of the Digital Era on the Latin American Countries

4- Future Publishing Industries

Session 4: Future Publishing Industries Part 1

Session 4: Future Publishing Industries Part 2

5- Books by Design

Introduction Session five, Books by Design, Introduction by Morgan Currie and Sophie Krier

Otmar Hoefer – Habits of Easy (E)Reading

Femke Snelting – Imposition (A Romance of Many Dimensions)

Dirk van Weelden: Designing for Sign-consumption

Roosje Klap – Ebooks and Empathic Design

Day 2: Session 5-6 Q&A – Books by Design

6- Horizons of Education and Authoring

Day 2: Session 6 Q&A Horizons of Education & Authoring

Day 2: Session 6 Conclusion: Horizons of Education and Authoring

Veljko Kukulj – Publishing Truth

Introduction Session 6: Horizons of Education & Authoring

August Hans den Boef – New Possibilities of Text in Digital Age

Frank van Amerongen – Reinventing Educational Publishing

7- Rietfeld Student Videos

Open Publishing Tools – 2. Clouds By Jakub Straka, Nora and Aude.

Digital Enclosures – 1. Distraction by Daniel Norregaard, Daiva Tubutyte and Roos Levano.

Ascent of E-readers – Historical Overview by Esther, Pyo and Byrthe.

Books by Design – Paul Rand by Corinne, Doris Boerman and Tibault.

Future Publishing Industries – 1. The Enclosed Book by Yael Wicki, Nina Paim and Akiko Wakabayashi.

Unbound Book – E-merge by Adrian Camenzind, Louisa Gagliardi and Lydia Sachse.

What is a Book – 1. Godard by Jules Estèves, Gabrielle Pauty and Balthazar Berling.

Digital Enclosures – 2. Cheerleaders by Edwin, Remy, Julia and Merel Woudwijk.

Open Publishing Tools – 1. Sharing is Caring by Sigríður Ása Júlíusdóttir, Karlis Krecers and Emilia.

8- Book Launches

I Read Where I Am Book Launch

Book Launch: Critical Point of View: A Wikipedia Reader, by Geert Lovink

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