Security is an illusion: encoding fragility

Martin Howse and Johnathon Kemp 'chaos ===> determinism noise ===> random they're opposite' Photo: Nancy Mauro-Flude

Martin Howse and Johnathon Kemp ‘chaos ===> determinism noise ===> random they’re opposite’ Photo: Nancy Mauro-Flude

PLENUM allows you to experience the significance of software and its ability to consciously design environments which shapes social patterns and relationships. An open invitation for people to ‘inhabit’ along side each other is pivotal to the experience. It addresses the cultural aspect of the Free Software debate over copyright, creativity and intellectual property in a live performance installation. You are apart of an emerging exchange not just about conceptions of net culture and media arts but the interaction via the software is reflected during the dialogue itself. It places priority on group agendas whilst the durational timeframe ruptures the rational coherency of a formal social-political debate. As you digest the sound, food and drink, raw dialogue is processed and pushed through this network. Agendas are compressed and rendered. Knowledge exchange is live algorithmic process where different propositions are brought forth. [CONTINUE HERE for PLENUM: Security is an illusion: encoding fragility]