What is a digital perm?

Miss Despoinas: Pataphysical Salon_What is a digital perm? Is a presentation of artworks alongside mechanisms towards collective enquiry. What is a digital perm? is approached as a fundamental pataphysical question concerning our evolving relationship with tools. What is a digital perm? explores and provides a perceptual hairstyle. Participation is welcome. A Pataphysical Salon leads us to speculate if absurd collaborative mechanics can replace the notion of the individual artist genius living in a discrete universe.


OCTOBER 9 – NOVEMBER 6 2014 -146 Artspace: 146 Elizabeth Street, Hobart, Tasmania
Miss Despoinas Pataphysical Salon: what is a digital perm?’
Julia Droughin, Kylie Johnson, Nancy Mauro-Flude, Nick Smithies, Pip Stafford

Thursday 9th OCTOBER
1700hrs_Where it all began_Context presentation
1800hrs_OPENING EVENT_What is a digital perm?
1818hrs_2000hrs Silent Disco_PERMformance

Monday 13th OCTOBER

Thursday 16th OCTOBER
1600hrs_Pataphysical Feedback_Discussion

Thursday 6th November

10/10/14 – 6/11/14

_Conversations Towards Surviving the Apocalypse – Performance _’Miss Despoinas retroactive: Networked Art Forms & Maker Culture’ – BookSprint _Signal to Noise_Radio
_Silent Disco
_Soni( c )artography

Miss Despoinas is a salon for experimental research, radical aesthetics, media design, production and exchange underlined by modes of maker culture. Miss Despoinas forms networks for the production of creative outcomes – in galleries, online, in publications, on radio and anywhere else they can gain access to. Associates work collaboratively within a framework of critical discussion and experimental art making.

The group is based in Hobart, Tasmania but is joined by satellite members: artists, programmers, critical engineers, writers, dancers, conspirators, curators and thinkers from around the globe for events, skills sharing and prototyping; to make, to exchange stories, strategies and constructively critique