Radically questions the conditions for serving and service

January 28th, 2015

The ‘Feminist Server Stack’ takes the role of supporting actant in ‘Commoning the Networks: Feminist Methodologies’ programme component of CAPTURE EVERYTHING theme for this years Transmediale. ‘Feminist Server Stack’, foregrounds our deeply intertwined relationship with technology, the ephemeral conditions of a network and our embodied position within it.

A feminist server…
Treats network technology as part of a social reality…At the risk of exposing her own insecurity, opens up processes, tools, sources, habits, patterns…Radically questions the conditions for serving and service; experiments with changing client – server relations where she can, knows that vulnerability is not an alibi…
Does not confuse a sense of false security with providing a safe place…Tries hard not to apologise when she is sometimes not available.

-fragment of collective manifest for a feminist server compiled by Femke from the events THF (2012), Autonomy (im)possible, Darmstadt Delegation (2013), THF (2014), Ministry of Hacking (2014), Feminist Server Summit (2013), Samedies (2006-12) and others…
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