Radical Networks and the future of human machine connectivity


Radical Networks is a festival and symposium – three days of speakers, panels, workshops, and an art exhibit designed to introduce the community to DIY networking, in Partnership with EyeBeam, Hosted by  ChemCreative  Brooklyn, NY. See the archives of the amazing array of events which were were streamed and recorded by The Internet society.

Learn how to create your own offline networks, portable web servers, mesh networks or internet gateways in hands on workshops. Attend panels where you can discuss your visions for how a localized network could support your school, your community, or your cause. Listen to speakers talk about the future of computer networks and why it’s important to understand how networks work in this age of hyper-connectivity.

I gave a performance lecture about *divination* a new networked performance project with kindred spirits  there who are wiling to engage in some constructive critique. As the project is new  giving a talk will not only provide me an environment for feedback, but I will be testing out the ‘performance lecture form’ that I think will strengthen the work for the technically uninitiated, or, average public whom may feel intimated about the technical and political implications of the issues, the work playfully brings to the fore. I will use some elements from the show i.e. holding a white disc [projection surface] that picks up the network traffic in the space to emphasise the content and the experimental approach to networks the project engenders.  Divination – traditionally a method of visualising the unseen – highlights the ease of access to so-called ‘private data’ and offers an alternative view of the information we transmit on a daily basis. Audiences were chaperoned by human and non-human agents (that is, ‘chatbots’) called Pirate Girls, through an energetic collision of nautical mythology, computer culture and transgressive fiction. The performance lecture will focus upon how the performance explores our relationship with mysterious or communal forces and how they relate to 21C mass electronic surveillance programs. The audience’ [remote or local] are invited to think about the delphic relationship you may have with networks, signals, codes and other things you can not fully comprehend, but may opt in to. The modern Pyrate Queen, was not asking for gold to – but the audience’s data for the crew’s collective treasure chest – in order to steer the artwork. After opting in – audience experience network hauntings by Pirate girls who observe and act performatively to highlight how technical agents within networked systems have become increasingly inconspicuous.