Interested in online search and the power of Google? The INC is looking for an intern

Internship at INC
Institute of Network Cultures (INC) is a media research centre that actively contributes to the field of network cultures through research, events, publications and online dialogue. INC was founded in 2004 by media theorist Geert Lovink as part of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (Hogeschool van Amsterdam). The institute acts as a framework sustaining several research projects, conferences, meetings and publications.

The institute is looking for a research intern with production skills and overall research skills for the Society of the Query #2 conference. The internship runs for 3 months to half a year (to be decided on), and starts August 26, 2013.

Society of the Query

Society of the Query #2
On November 7th and 8th 2013 the Institute of Network Cultures will organize the second Society of the Query event, focusing on online search, search engines and alternatives strategies. The aim of Society of the Query is not only to open up new perspectives by bringing together scholars from different relevant disciplines (e.g. information science, sociology, media and communication) but also to increase the public’s awareness and knowledge about the societal and cultural implications of web search. This will include artistic approaches, which may help us to question this highly routinized practice.

In 2009, the conference Society of the Query has already tackled a number of these questions. While this has contributed to a better understanding of the impact of search engines, many open questions remain and the dynamics in this field have led to new ones: How does the rise of the social web affect search engines and the practices around them? Which consequences do innovations like personalization, localization or autocomplete have? How can we re-think the established search routines? With the second conference and the publication of a reader in the beginning of 2014 answers are sought and the debate around web search is restarted.

For more information about Society of the Query visit:

For the event to be organized on the 7nd and 8th of November 2013 Amsterdam INC is looking for a JUNIOR RESEARCHER (internship), with PRODUCTION skills.

We are looking for an enthusiastic, energetic, inquisitive and precise (former) student with knowledge and interests in the field of new media. As the conference has an international scope, active English skills are required, in speaking and writing. You are strong socially and theoretically. The Institute of Network Cultures offers you the possibility for an internship of a period of 3 months to half a year (to be decided on), starting from August 26, 2013.

Research tasks:
• Attend meetings • write literature reviews on subjects related to the Society of the Query research initiative • collect interesting and relevant literature • assist the program committee with writing the program (which will be published on the website and in print) • write contributions for the Society of the Query blog

Production tasks:
• attend meetings • work as part of the organizational team • prepare the congress location • be responsible for registration • assist at developing and executing a communication plan • add and update the program to the blog

The internship will take up 4 days a week. Less days is negotiable. Please note that the workload will be less in the beginning of the internship, building up towards a few weeks of full-time work around the actual event.

For further information you can contact Miriam Rasch: miriam[@]
Applications: if you are interested please send your motivation (1 page) and your CV to
miriam[@] by the 9th of June 2013.