Collaborative Link Filtering: Contexts of the Invasion of Ukraine

Send text messages from your phones directly to randomly selected Russians 

ISP Hardware Solidarity: Keep Ukraine Connected

Drones for Ukraine (via Jo)

Via INURA (thanks to Patrice):

Contacts for Ukrainians (via Janos Sugar)

Tools for communicating offline and in difficult circumstance (via Maja van der Velden)

Donation campaign for Ukranian media

Liberal-conservative America discussing China’s role: Kaiser Kuo in conversation with Evan Feigenbaum (via Ned Rossiter)

Online Russian Anti-War Petitions collection: “In the name of the
Russian people, but against our will” – Russian voices against Russia’s
war in Ukraine:

Links from Micheal Dieter:

Recording of ‘Ukrainian Dispatch – Solidarity as Cultural Praxis during Wartime’ event at bbk berlin, March 14th 2022 – Panelists/Speakers: Vasyl Cherepanyn (director of the Visual Culture Research Center (VCRC, Kyiv), Nikita Kadan (artist), Maria Isserlis (curator), Marina Naprushkina (artist, founder of Neue Nachbarschaft, Moabit/Berlin), Clemens von Wedemeyer (artist Berlin).

Institute of Strategic Dialogue (ISD) report, Support from the Conspiracy Corner: German-Language Disinformation about the Russian Invasion of Ukraine on Telegram:

Report on Websites Blocked in Russia Since Ukraine Invasion:

Global VPN use, live tracker – Russia: VPN demand increase: 2,088% (peak), Dates: February 24-March 13; Ukraine: VPN demand increase: 609% (peak); Dates: February 15-March 9

Hackers fighting Russia (via Patrice)

Links from Michael Benson/nettime:

Emergency funding to Ukrainian journalists (administered by independent UA news outlet Zaborna Media)

Ukrainian Red Cross

Razom, an organization providing humanitarian relief in Ukraine

Support independent Russian reporters through Meduza, operating from Riga

Homo Faber, Polish NGO helping house and feed Ukrainian refugees from Lublin

Anglophone Russia Twitter list (Russia experts and correspondents)

2022 Ukraine Crises Twitter list (diplomats, analysts, etc)