Overview of Recent UKRAiNATV Live Webcasts (#EFIR 52-56)

(please visit their website for more information: https://ukrainatv.streamart.studio/)





1. 🎶BLAKE AND LISTOPAD🎶 (concert)
In the chronosynclastic swirl of the evening, love and disappointment found a place to dwell. Bass, a contrapuntal backdrop, thumped out a new-wave elegy in the interstices of skewed rituals. Classic tracks, liberated from the tyranny of nostalgia, plunged us into a swirling vortex of distorted sound. It was a sonic parallel universe where pain and pleasure pirouette. The abyss? It gazed right back, a silent participant in this electronic entropy.

2. 🎗️STUS COLLECTIVE🎗️(conversation)
We spoke to STUS collective, a band of activists bound by a singular cause: to support communities brushed aside and forgotten. They weave camouflage fabrics for the frontline, reel in funds, and run auctions. Their fight against violence is not one waged with iron and fire, but with compassion, social vitality, and a creative spirit. The spirit of their patron, Vasyl Stus, resonates in their mission. A poet, a dissident, a man who faced the brunt of the Soviet regime, he found himself confined, only to meet his end under the harsh weight of the regime.

3. 🎀NOURA TOUFACHE🎀 (lecture)
Her performance lecture was a digital art wonderland, with cute archive images of soldiers splashed across the green screen, her charming artwork whirling on a pedestal. The lecture, “KAWAYOKU INCEPTION,” was a dive into ‘kawayoku’ – a new term for ‘buriaku’, or violence. She spun a tale of cute violence – bulletproof vests with cat ears, a dainty nail on a trigger, connecting cuteness, eroticism, and gun-fanaticism. The battlefield is an arcade, weapons are playthings! From the bond of a ‘waifu’ to a gun-wielding soldier showing a bit of skin, she presented a captivating, if disconcerting, cuteness-violence puzzle based on her massive 30,000 image collection, a snapshot of a virtual subculture caught between kawaii and kaboom!! 🌸🔫🎀🎮💖📸

4. 🎤YANA ILO🎤 (concert)
Her voice, an experimental algorithm, mutated with digital and organic elements, manifesting into audible utopias. But these utopias, desolate in their starkness, hummed with the anxiety of a world where violence is as omnipresent as the air. It’s in the silent shouts, the whispers that strike like thunder, in the very architecture of sound itself. And the visuals, as if fragments of a shattered future, oscillate between cosmic landscapes and subatomic worlds, revealing a utopia bathed both in distortion and an eerie clarity.

5. 🎧EDGHAR SET🎧 (hybrid set)
To give us a a respite from the intense, Edghar started slowly and spacey. He painted a sunset at the UKRAiNATV studio with a balearic, acidic palette. Quickly, though, he flipped the switch, dropping electro bombs and driving techno into the mix, once again summoning chaos from calm.

6. ⛓️EU ROPA⛓️(performance)
The stage morphed into a theater of bodily sacrifice, the knife a pen sketching violent glyphs onto bare skin. The participants, willingly stripped of anonymity, gathered in a circle, and etched their backs with symbols. Then, as the blood dripped down their bodies, they kneeled against the white cloth in a tableau of silent suffering. From the speakers, hornets buzz, their tiny wings beating against the cries echoing from a time of war. Symbols, once wielded as weapons, were now exposed in a visceral critique of corporeal exploitation. Aggression met pity, a dangerous dance of inhumanity and compassion. Here, the dissection was not a literary device, but a literal embodiment of their cry against genocide committed by the ruZZians.



(Krakers = Cracow Art Week https://cracowartweek.pl/en/krakers-3/)

Once upon a rain-soaked afternoon, Emma ventured into the courtyard, hastening her pace to escape the looming industrial structures that encased it. She swiftly closed the gate of Mr. Shevchenko’s villa, a gesture which felt akin to shaking off the dreariness of the world outside. She then immersed herself in the midst of the salon’s habitual attendees, a congregation of blasé sophisticates sipping tea from the remarkable ceramics of Ksenia Mirogrodskaya. The vessels bore an uncanny resemblance to skeletal forms, their surfaces awash with a macabre, flesh-like scarlet. A shiver coursed through Emma’s spine.

With a stride of confidence, she crossed the threshold of the building, her path undeterred towards the salon. A half-open door, leading to a children’s room, caught her attention momentarily. There, strewn across a rug, lay a pink diary adorned with an array of colourful plastics, belonging to one Veronica Emila, née Baran.
Upon reaching the salon, Emma’s eyes were met with a sight of tables lavishly bedecked with an array of fabrics. The materials had been meticulously curated for the occasion by the esteemed STUS Collective in collaboration with UKRAiNATV. The walls bore the hangings of evocative and sensual photographs, the handiwork of Anna Solecka, offspring of an Olkusz suburban magnate.

As the room hummed with anticipation, the esteemed guest from Warsaw, Jan Sowa, had already begun his oration. His eloquence was known to incite, and so it did, as he weaved intricate bridges of thought between the global south and local east. Already, Emma’s thoughts were being drawn towards the impending performance of Mykolay Lebed. A man whose skilful manipulation of the saxophone could reach out, piercing the veil of the cosmic heavens, eliciting sounds that seemed to originate in the very depths of the universe. His digital instruments lay in waiting for their master in the room’s center, a carpeted stage set for the sonic spectacle…


In the verdant realm of EFIR 53 🌿, a symphony of events unfolded, harmoniously blending the digital and the organic. As the cosmic notes of Glebalisation’s music 🎵 heralded the beginning, Faina Malinowska’s voice spoke of Людина, a tale of women-emigrants seeking refuge.

A chasm was bridged between worlds 🌐, as Konrad, Giulia, and Julia conversed with Daniel and Jenn, exploring the enigmatic boundaries of the metaverse and the dissonance of Zuckerberg’s futile utopia 🏰. As the threads of reality were woven, they pondered the role of our corporeal forms 🚶‍♀️ within this mixed-media tapestry.

In the ever-shifting soundscape, FED’s “Anything Anymore” resonated with Geert Lovink’s presence, while Julia and Sonya prepared for their upcoming performance EU ROPA (EU PUS) 🎭, a fierce exploration of the scars left by conflict.

Ksenia Mirogrodska’s green curry 🍛 simmered with tales of local food and the virtues of a plant-based existence 🌱, as a beacon of UKRAiNATV’s upcoming extravaganza shimmered in the distance. Glebalisation’s entrancing sonic waves washed over the listeners 🎧, while fragments of Janek Sowa’s lecture on war echoed through the atmosphere.

The announcement of Mykola LEBED’s concert 🎤 reverberated through the ether, as a bygone conversation between Giulia and Geert pondered the metaverse. Amidst this kaleidoscope of experiences, the promise of CRASH TEST TAKEOVER loomed 🎉, a celebration of life on Earth, bathed in pulsing sounds and dense visuals.

All the while, digital heads 💻 emerged and vanished, weaving through the fabric of this vibrant gathering, a testament to the ever-evolving dance between the organic and the virtual, human snowballs rolled through the virtual space 🏂, and a flurry of flyers rained down upon us 🌧, announcing the upcoming wonders at UKRAiNATV during KRAKERS festival.



An Italian extravaganza, guided by our resident Giulia Timis, rocketed us straight into her beloved homeland, the birthplace of capitalism!

Cooking performance à la Ksenia Mirogrodska, Julia Sokol and Giulia Timis served up a delicious Tiramisu – the famous brothel food. This slutty dessert proved that it’s the most googled Italian concept on the planet for a reason. Slay slutty!

Sensitive content! The show may include unintentional promotion of traditional gender roles

As a palate cleanser, we grooved to a sunny DJ set by Pavel Grishkov.

We feasted our eyes on Taya Kabaeva’s VR-performance art piece.

A communal eating performance showcased the UKRAiNATV crew chowing down.

Gleb served up a side dish of breakcore/rave core compilation FUK THE BORDERS by Suck Puck Records. Grab a helping here: https://suckpuckrecordz.bandcamp.com/album/fuk-the-borders-va-bangface-edition