The Epicentre

Moshe Dayan said in 1967 that Israel must act like a mad dog so that its enemies will know that their hostile actions will receive an immeasurable response: a strategy that endlessly expands the biblical “eye for an eye.”

Hit schools, hospitals, kill kill kill.

Ok, I understand, but I wonder if Israel’s leaders have an idea of the tsunami of horror they are unleashing on the global psychosphere. A month of uninterrupted horror which first of all erased the horror of October 7th from the collective psyche, then produced the conditions for a monstrous mutation in the perception of Israel by the planetary mind.
From a clinical perspective, the vast majority of Israelis today appear as psychopaths who, having lost all moral inhibition are dangerous for others for themselves, and for anyone who trusts them.

The entire West, for reasons that have nothing noble about them (the sense of guilt linked to the Holocaust which has transformed into a negative identity of Europe), has handed over its destiny to Israel. President Biden has recklessly handed Israel its fate, and he is sinking.

There have been massacres in the past – those of Daesh and Bashir el Assad in Syria, those of Fallujah under the Americans’ white phosphorus in 2005, etc. But none of the countless outbursts of violence had been broadcast continuously for a month, and longer. No one had so completely occupied the Infosphere and consequently the psychosphere of the entire planet.

What consequences do the Israeli avengers expect from this tsunami of horror, beyond the unlikely annihilation of Hamas? Is it possible to display the tortured body of an entire population on screens across the planet without paying the price?

Nobody knows how the political-military situation is destined to evolve, but we can assume that the Arab states, much more attentive to the wallet of the nationalist elites than to Islamic solidarity, will not give up business and agreements with Israel. This is not the price Israel will pay. The Western establishment and the Arab establishment will not break with the Zionist entity.

The price Israel will pay is its moral disintegration.

Israel’s ruling class is steeped in cynicism and arrogance, but they will not maintain for long the control, because the martyrdom of the Palestinians is the moral catastrophe of the Israelis. Jewish memory will not coexist with the responsibility for genocide.  We’ve seen it already: American Jewish people occupying the halls of Capitol Hill and the Statue of Liberty to reject identification with the exterminators of Israel. Israel is no longer (if it ever was) a representation of Judaism; it is its shame, its reversed image.

What Zionism has improperly and dangerously identified as the state of the Jews will not be able to survive amid the hatred that the Israeli genocide is arousing in populations who have memories of the colonial humiliation. And above all, the state of Israel is today isolated throughout the world: Young people are identifying themselves with the Palestinians, not so much for historical and political reasoning, but for the perception of a common, claustrophobic condition. The common absence of the future makes Palestinians the vanguard of the last generation.

There is something horrible about the way Europeans turn away while genocide is taking place within walking distance of them, just as Europeans did in the 1930s and 1940s, when genocide was taking place on their territory, but not under their mediatized eyes as happens today.

The betrayal of modern Jewish culture

It is difficult to describe Israel’s mutation without referring to the original trauma, the Holocaust, and the desire for revenge that seeks its victims and builds them up over decades.

All this has little to do with politics, and a lot to do with psychopathology. The mad dog is truly mad, we need to understand the genesis of his madness that began to manifest itself in 1948.

Here we touch on an extremely delicate and painful point, which concerns the evolution of the Israeli unconscious, that is distancing itself from Modern Jewish culture. Just before his death in 1967, Isaac Deutscher wrote in The non-Jewish Jew about Judaism being caught in the trap of the nation-state that the world has forced the Jews to embrace the nation-state and be proud of it when there is little hope for the future in this. The Jews cannot be blamed for this, the world is guilty of this. But at least Jews should be aware of the paradox and understand that their enthusiasm for national sovereignty is historically lagging. Deutscher concluded: I hope that Jews will eventually become aware of the inadequacy of the nation-state.

What Deutscher expected didn’t happen: from the beginning, Israel’s existence coincided with the betrayal of modern Jewish culture. From the beginning, Israel wanted to be a nation, and for this reason, it set in motion the expulsion, persecution, internment, and subjugation of the population present on that territory.

Now everyone realizes the trap that the Zionist state has entered.

The gift from the English colonialists, promised by Balfour in 1917 and delivered in 1948, is revealing itself for what it was from the beginning: a poisoned gift. The Palestinians have also entered the dead-end tunnel of the nation-state. The formula “two peoples, two states” confirmed the identitarian and tribal character of the national state, and denied any possibility of peaceful coexistence of two communities within the same political entity. Both state entities (the existing one of Israel and the non-existent but proclaimed one of Palestine) are governed by their fundamentalist, religious, or openly fascist components.

The fault line

The genocide in Gaza is the epicentre of a cataclysm that will divide the human race: the southern hemisphere and the outskirts of Western metropolises are surrounding the white citadel with a wall of hatred that will fuel revenge in the months and years to come. This event inaugurates the showdown between the colonial race and the colonized world.
Israel is the outpost of colonialist racism in the world.

The epicentre of the earthquake is in the land of the three monotheisms, but the earthquake is everywhere. It doesn’t seem to me that vibrations capable of triggering world war are coming from that epicentre, rather a chaotic war composed of countless fragments of violence.

Perhaps the Middle Eastern conflict has become a war between barbarian fanatics, but the West is responsible for the massacre and its consequences and is destined to be dragged into this crazy feud. In the name of defending Israel, Europe is erasing the rule of law, banning pro-Palestine demonstrations, and criminalizing Palestinian symbols.

The hypocrites are indignant at the anti-Semitism that rears its head, but it is clear that anti-Semitism finds fertile ground in the hatred that Israel fuels, and that Netanyahu has led his people into the most terrifying suicidal war, perhaps forgetting that in this kind of war Islamic fundamentalism is unbeatable.

Why is Europe complicit in the genocide? It is said that a sense of guilt pushes Europeans to defend Israel, but I think the point is another. The uncritical defence of Israel is part of a process of self-defence of declining Western civilization. In fact, the right is mobilizing to defend Israel with all pennants flying. The descendants of Pétain, the anti-Semitic collaborators of all time, together with the declared racist Eric Zemmour march claiming the representation of white France, while the seventy-two-year-old militant for Palestinian women’s rights Mariam Abu Daqqa is expelled because she dared to say that Israel is responsible for the colonial occupation, and while all around the banlieue are retreating into a menacing silence.