National Walk-Out for Palestine on November 29th

🌍✊On November 29th, the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, join us from 12:00 to 13:00 for a National Walkout!

📢 We’re standing up against the silencing and intimidation tactics used by Dutch academic institutions in relation to the ongoing nakba in Palestine. We reject the claims that critiques of Israeli apartheid are anti-Semitic. We recognize that such absurd intimidation tactics are used to silence concerned scholars and students. This signals a real threat to academic freedom.

🚨 Since October 7th, Dutch academic institutions have compromised the safety of pro-Palestinian movements. Faculty and students advocating for Palestine face intimidation: Teach-ins are canceled, cops are inside our campus and in front of our lecture halls, and ad hoc internal guidelines are drafted to monitor academics.

📣 Our Demands:

1️⃣ No more academic censorship! We demand the right to openly teach about the history of Israeli occupation and apartheid without intimidation.

2️⃣ Sever all collaborations! We demand that Dutch universities condemn Israel’s violence and sever ties with companies and academic institutions which support the Zionist military-industrial-academic complex.

3️⃣ Build direct solidarity with Palestinian universities! Dutch academic institutions must support academics at risk, provide scholarships for Palestinian students, and collaborate with Palestinian institutions for epistemic justice.

For more information about the Global Strike, visit

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