Working weekends with civilised colleagues (or, call me comrade)  

Working weekends with civilised colleagues (or, call me comrade)  [Mountains; 12th May 2024]

We don’t exchange precise introductions. 

Even though I’m only a novice & rather naïve, I am not asked to leave their company, even though I am nothing like them. 

They don’t draw distances, they do not discriminate, 

they don’t let evolution come in the way. They don’t mock me for my eagerness to jump  on the evolutionary bus. 

But sometimes I am asked to show my thumbs in shame. Even this is not to humiliate me, it is only for educational purposes.

Against my thumbs that can twist & turn, they spread out their hands which cannot create anything new,

but can kill with careless ease.

& yet they don’t kill for fun, still don’t make killing their only game.

They leave it at that. My thumbs known to kill just to keep someone down, 

to not let others climb, hang in shame. 

As they hop, skip & jump away, I am taught the first lesson, 

revolution is not evolution’s logical conclusion;

revolution is a commitment to evolve,

it demands distances to cover,

not destinations to arrive at. 

As they are leaving, I ask, 

how should I address you,

my civilised colleagues, 

& what shall be my duties;

in unison, they say, 

Call me comrade, 

& Wake up the sun. 

(Thus, Here I am, & Here comes the sun). 

#alltheredsofmybloodsलालसलाम #poetryisresistance