Upcoming events: The Global Square – Berlin Biennale

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The participation to the The Global Square at Berlin Biennale is divided in two types of activity: Nodes (contents) and Actions.

Nodes are:

1.- TGS
Starting date: 27 April
Presence: 2 months

TheGlobalSquare is a decentralized social and organizational environment which respects privacy and transparency for individuals, public organizations and actions. TheGlobalSquare will consist of P2P user profiles which allow communication through a variety of social mediums. This will enable global networking between local assemblies, task groups and events. TheGlobalSquare will work to create secure global
communications infrastructure and hardware to make such services widely available.


2.- P2P
Starting date: 7 May
Presence: 1 week

Entirely distributed networks are the proven way to a truly free network, based on cooperation among peers to define tasks, commons and goods. This allows for the establishment of an automomous decision-making process throughout the network.


3.- Social networks

Starting date: 14 May
Presence: 1 week

Corporate social networks are the main tools that have been used during 2011 by Occupy and similar movements worldwide. These social networks have become essential to spread movement ideals and to coordinate direct actions. However, utilizing corporate social media is a risky option concerning freedom, privacy, transparency. We will introduce existing self-organized social networks that are based on free software
philosophy and commons principles.

Social Swarm

4.- Privacy
Starting date: 21 May
Presence: 1 week

Why are we still communicating through unsecure corporate-owned systems such as Gmail, Skype and Facebook? During these last months we’ve seen the importance of privacy and anonymity in #revolutions taking place in Egypt, Syria and Tunisia, where unsecure dissemination puts one’s life at a risk. We are also seeing many new corporate “privacy” policies and government laws that allow user data to be easily handed to third parties with little to no consideration for the user’s rights or personal safety.


5.- Free culture / hacktivism
Starting date: 28 May
Presence: 1 week

The so-called “entertainment industry” is pressuring for laws that restrict access to culture and impose censorship. This violates our universal human right of free access to information and knowledge. We shall have a debate about the implications and current status of Internet laws such as ACTA, HADOPI, SINDEWERT, SOPA, PIPA, CISPA. We will also define future global strategies and campaigns to fight against restrictions of free information access.

La quadrature

6.- Economy of the commons
Starting date: 4 June
Presence: 1 week

Governments call it a crisis, but it’s actually the end of an unecessarily destructive financial system. Other initiatives are already being put into practice that directly connect peers. An economy of the commons is now possible, where people manage the economy collaboratively, and where money is just a tool of facilitation.

German currency projects

7.- Open hardware / robotics
Starting date: 11 June
Presence: 1 week

Generally we talk about free software, but hardware also must become free so that we are no longer dependent upon corporations to produce patented products. In a world where much work can be automatized, we can begin to consider the possibility of a distributed robotic network. Such a system could avoid planned obsolescence and allow the world far greater sustainability.

8.- Social Media
Starting date: 18 June
Presence: 1 week

During year 2011, the #revolution has enhanced the importance of social media. The intensive use of social networks as communication tools means that anyone can become a journalist, that the people have become the media. We can now spread the message of our actions to the world, showing what is happening in each #revolution despite being ignored and misreported on by corporate media.

DATES: End in June so that we may coincide with Brazil livemedia forum and connect via stream with them

occupy comm teams
Wikileaks central

Conclusions, schedule and future events

The last week of the Biennale will be a time to reflect on the work done, to plan tasks and events, and to establish milestone goals for the near and distant future.

Starting date: 25 June
Presence: 1 week

Coordination meeting from #occupy movement tech-teams
Hacking the streets
Install party
Workshops (how to encrypt mail, use a blog, on each of our tools (lorea,
diaspora, etc …)
Talks (what is free software, free culture, ….)
Copystation so people can copy free culture material