Light organism


London-based Wellcome Trust is a global charitable foundation dedicated to achieving improvements in human and animal health. This year they celebrate their 75th anniversary, and they hold a special exhibition that introduces visitors to some of the key people behind the Trust’s achievements, including the Human Genome Project; malaria drug discovery; funding of science and art collaborations; and research to understand the human brain.

They have given the seventh in a series of annual design comissions to rAndom International, to welcome their visitors through a façade intervention named “Reflex”. This light Installation will be living at Wellcome Collection building’s windows until April 2012 and it is  located at 215 Euston Road. It now is the habitat of an organism that represents itself in the form of light, which reacts by establishing physical responses between the building and the passers-by. The behavior of the screen is inspired by an algorithm developed to simulate the collective decision making process that animals such as birds flocking, or ants, employ in the natural world. Something different from their indoor-installation “A study of time” is the location. An estimated number of 5,000 people walk past each day. While the first project is designed for an interior space, a choreography, “Reflex” stands between the public and the private, caged inside but in constant dialogue with the street.