Operating system for the city?


This interesting project  is product of a joint effort between Nordkapp and  Urbanscale. It attempts to build a quite interesting layer in the city for information gathering of ambient data like weather or maps and connecting people to places and/or services.This “operating system” for the city answers three main needs:  Wayshowing / finding a way through the interactive maps, What’s going on right now and where?/ which helps people connect better with the local services or events, and direct feedback to the city such as ambient media.

They are concerned about not adding noise to the urban environment but instead contributing to it by encouraging transparency, interactivity and immediatiteness for the people. “Our vision is to make the city more accessible and enjoyable for both residents and visitors through a situated interactive service. By sharing real-time data and feedback about the city, we aim to create a more efficient, transparent relationship between city administrators and citizens.”  It is also a tool with which citizens can be connected to their local governments: the ability of residents in a specific neighborhood to report if urban furniture or infrastructure such as a street should be repaired is possible through this system.

To read more about it, visit their site.