Can a field of light become a screen?

When confronted to the question What is a screen?, multiple ideas emerge. As a medium, there has to be an input, and an output of information in form of light. The image shown is taken from Bruce Munro’s light installation as seen at the Eden Project in Cornwall frcom November 08 to March 09. It has 6,000 acrylic stems, each of which is run by fibre optic cables, that connect the clear glass spheres. There are 11 external projectors; the stems themselves hold no electric power at all. The installation which also has been placed in other locations covers an area of 1200 squared meters. Could these liberated pixels become alive and interact with the visitors of the field? It would be interesting to see this project become an interactive sound and light installation. An example of such an installation is the work of Daan Roosengaarde, dutch artist and architect, “Dune.