Process or Product?

“When art is a form of behaviour, software predominates over hardware in the creative sphere. Process replaces product in importance, just as system supersedes structure.”(Roy Ascott, 1968) (Retrieved 24.10.11 from

Katy Connor, Bristol-based artist and associate artist at the research group i-DAT (part of  the Centre for Art, Media and Design Research, Faculty of Art at the University of Plymouth) works in the line between art and technology and her work reflects it by linking her art to, e.g., scientific processes of Atomic Force Microscopy. Her data-visualization piece PURE FLOW, exhibited at the Plymouth Arts Centre, reveals the noise generated between GPS data systems and multiple satellites, 3G networks and Wifi hotspots as a tangible presence in the environment. An App for Ipod and Ipad enables the user to directly touch these signals, creating visual and sonic patterns that respond to their environment and movement in space. You can listen to the artist on BBC Click talking about her work. Specially interesting is the idea of rendering the invisible information that otherwise remains unnoticed by our nude perception.