Monumental media: Large scale projections

The power of huge projections and moreover in the context of a massive event help us rethink old concepts like monumentality in architecture. You don’t really need to construct something huge or something new, the built environment doesn’t have to be permanent, the memory of the experienced space and moment remains in the minds of people who where there. The fact that it is linked to a specific place and a specific moment in time makes it somehow more special because of the nature of what is ephimeral.

Last Monday 28th of November there was a huge light show projection at the Millbank Tower, London.  Nokia, as part of his new advertisement campagin for the new Lumia 800  brought deadmau5 together and what they defined as 4D technology (in which music was the 4th dimension) and created a spectacular light and music show. It is interesting how the advertisement industry has recognized that publicity alone does not add value to the experience of public space, and that in order to reach your audience it becomes increasingly important to make them remember you by a construction of experience-meaning and not by, for instance, an empty banner.