Curator for One Day

Curator for One Day is part of the Video Vortex exhibition. During the whole period of Video Vortex the Netherlands Media Art Institute is making its whole collection available to the public. Through the Institute’s online catalog one can make a selection from the more than 2000 video works. On the website, fragments of 30 seconds can be viewed of the works, to see the whole work a visit to the mediatheque is necessary. By means of a specially developed interface one can choose a maximum of six video works to be shown on a selected date. The only condition is that a curatorial statement is given for the selection. This statement and the selected video works are then screened as part of the exhibition for one entire day. All the selections will be archived.

To become ‘Curator for One Day’ in the Video Vortex exhibition, visit and follow the instructions:
– Make a selection of 6 works from the collection.
– Add email, name and statement to your selection.
– Choose a date in the calendar shown on your ‘My Show’ page.