“Naturally, a major consequence of this view is the crisis of desire and the potential entry into a realm of perversion where enjoyment is no longer marked by the experience of the limit. Once castration is suspended, ‘desire’ ceases to be a key manifestation of the subject of the unconscious, and faces something akin to a ‘nihilistic obliteration’ which testifies to the birth of a new type of subject: the ‘man without unconscious’.”

– Massimo Recalcati


In the beginning, there was the command line_. 1989 was the year our lord and saviour Tim Berners-Lee created the ‘World Wide Web’. The Web was born. A sanctuary for us to inhabit that was decentralised and free. From that point forward we were free from our genetically inferior bodies.



We found others like ourselves. Online communities were created. The autonomy of the Internet has allowed us to express our true selves more freely and openly, away from the lifetime of cruel degradation that we’ve been forced to endure.



In the flesh world, our genetic inferiority and sensitive introverted nice guy personalities mean we face many obstacles, but within virtuality, we discovered our potential as individuals and as a collective. When online, we have no limits to what can be imagined and acted out. The possibilities are endless.



It was only a matter of time before fucking Chad (and all the insipid normies who follow him) decided to log on. They infiltrated our sanctuary and do what they always do. Ruin it! Why? Because that’s what Chad does. Hence, we created ‘social media’.



The purpose of social media is to enmesh the vapid fools into our system where they can be controlled. To do this we created accessible technology that even a vegetable could use. The fools took to social media like mods to pussy. We then introduced superior technology in the form of mobile devices and laptops to encourage virtual use at any time.



Normies are now the subjects of our constant gaze. Visible at all times. To destroy Chad, we must castrate him. To castrate him we first must entice him into our world. Like Sampson in the Hebrew bible, we must take away what gives him his power. Without his superior corporeal body, he is nothing. Without his big dick energy, he will be lost.



What is directly lived in the flesh world must be created within virtuality through virtual representation. Simulacrum will succeed the real. The spectacle produced on the social media platforms we have created will become total and ubiquitous, merging life as they know it into an autonomous image of a world that we control. Once they come into our world their reality is ours.



In the flesh world, an experience has little value until a normie posts it as a simulated representation for the normie collective to acknowledge. This feedback gives value to a normie’s pathetic existence and enables them to feel a ‘proof of presence’. Hence, their existence in virtuality will be under our control.



A normie’s reality is social. This means their reality is shaped by the social forces that they engage with. This is how people with friends understand their reality.


The various tools we have given normies to create simulated representation of their daily lives construct social roles so they can identify where they ‘fit in’ within the lamestream. Normies understanding of self, and how they assume certain social roles is shaped by the collective feedback loop of the normie collective. This pathetic desire to be accepted by the normie collective to construct their identities is based on what other people think of them, or what we refer to as ‘group think’ aka ‘the hive mind’.

Because of this pathetic desire to ‘fit in’, normies are more likely to be fake and conform to social expectations. They hide negative aspects of their ‘true-self’, such as socially undesirable personality traits or unpopular opinions for fear of being cancelled.

The refusal to acknowledge how superficial they are means that normies are constantly declaring how ‘authentic’ they are to each other. But being the sheep that they are, this is governed by ‘systemic coherence’, meaning their ‘authenticity’ is dictated by the hive mind.

Although we are intellectually superior and clearly have more interesting personalities, in the flesh world we will never be accepted by our oppressors due to our genetic inferiority and the lamestream’s fucking shallowness. So it is within the virtual world of the Internet that we have the freedom to play and experiment in social interactions without the restraints dictated by Chad and all those who follow his cruel dictatorship of conformity.


Online, identity is not stable or pre-determined, which means we are able to express multiple identities that can be adopted and discarded at will, a notion referred to as ‘floating identities’. There are no constraints on whom you want to be in the superior virtual world we have created.

In order to truly conquer our oppressors, we must study them. To collect data, we introduced the ability for normies to ‘friend’ or ‘follow’ one another. Later, the ‘like’ button was introduced. When we implemented a camera into phones, the ‘selfie’ materialised. The act of ‘creating’ and ‘expressing’ oneself through ‘selfies’, along with other digital representations of self, encourages normies to perceive themselves as an object. This spiritually disembodies them, rendering them vulnerable to manipulation and control. This inspired the creation of Instagram, which was implemented to specifically appeal to Chad’s narcissism.

The ‘like’ button quickly evolved into a ‘like’ economy. There are three ways the ‘like’ economy has had an impact on online social interactions amongst normies. Firstly, the act of ‘liking’ perpetuates social activity, both by receiving and giving ‘likes’. This creates traffic and user engagement. Secondly, the popularity contest can be scaled (or customised) to each normie through algorithms and also operate across various social media platforms that they use. Thirdly, cross-syndication of social whoring via the various online platforms they use facilitates content creation which becomes data we can use to measure their activity. To encourage data production our beta-lords enabled normies to exchange personal data for opportunities/money. The ‘like’ economy is now a virtual ‘free’ social market. Online social capital is produced through the circulation of virtual (intangible) goods in terms of exchange, and that one or both parties in that exchange may gain an advantage.


Due to their whorish nature, Chads and Stacys generally use our social media platforms to acquire online social capital. This encourages them to discard their personal identity in favour of a corporate identity, referred to in the lamestream as having a ‘personal brand’. A ‘personal brand’ is the projection of a lifestyle that is perceived as a desirable success story that is disseminated to idiotic plebs. This lifestyle is an ongoing narration that is capitalised on due to the amount of attention it gets from the lower-tier normies who aspire to be like Chad. This is the foundation of how Chad and Stacy gain online social capital which they then transfer into financial capital. They do this through the creation of advertorials for products and services for corporations. This influences those who ‘follow’ them in turn also commodify themselves. Whoring of oneself in the lamestream is referred to as being an ‘influencer’, or if a Chad or Stacy acquires enough social capital to influence the normie masses, a ‘thought leader’.


Chads and Stacys use their online social capital as an opportunity to compete with large multinational companies by becoming its micro-equivalent: Chad Inc. This is a natural stage of late-stage capitalism. Becoming Chad Inc. means Chad is the head marketer for his own personal brand. Chad is now an entrepreneur that markets both himself and the products he is promoting. Chad projects the persona of a leader, teacher, visionary, and businessperson. Corporations that work with Chad Inc. are absorbed into his virtual self-representation and visa-versa. This will essentially disembody Chad and all those pathetic imbeciles who follow him.


The success of implementing online social capital into daily life means that the lamestream now believes that self-branding is an inevitable necessity in ‘the future of work’. Normies that use our social media platforms to promote their ‘personal brand’ both produce virtual content as well as produce the self as a perpetual work-in-progress product. Eventually online social capital will be the way the world population exchanges goods and services. All financial transactions will be in the form of NFTs which will enable us to wrangle the global economy away from Chad.

The revolution was prophesied by Guy Debord as he stated in The Society of the Spectacle back in 1967 that ‘social life will eventually progress from ‘being’ (I am), to ‘having’ (property or objects that define identity), to mere ‘appearing’ (I am the image I project of myself on social media)’.


In order to control the normie masses we must control the narrative. This is why we provide ‘suggested content’ through algorithms dictated by artificial intelligence. This allows us to curate and distribute our beta narratives to the normie masse. This privileges the circulation of content we control.


The importance of narratives is that they provide context for raw information and facts. They help shape how normies understand themselves and the world they inhabit. Due to the basic nature of normies, they remember and make decisions based on ‘meaningful stories’ (narratives) rather than engage in complex information and data analysis. When we control the narrative then we control the normie collective.



The personal and cultural identities that normies subscribe to are predominantly defined by ideas and narratives rather than nationalities or ethnicity. If a normie’s opinion is not yet structured, then there is a void that needs to be filled. The beta narratives we create should give them answers. This is how we influence them.



We should always present every issue as a binary ‘choice’ within the beta narratives we distribute. Using identity politics, we can stoke violence and aggression to justify and rationalise active retribution on both sides of the culture war normies perceive themselves to be in. Our power lies in their rage. Divide and conquer. Those who are left after the carnage of destruction shall submit.


The beta narratives we circulate should provide normies with information, talking points, and an explanation of how the goals we prescribe to them fit into their worldview. To change a passive normie into a participating normie we need to crystallise their ideological motivations. Our beta-narratives must furnish a complete system for explaining the world, and with it the problems the individual normie is facing.



A successful beta-narrative should crystallise what were just vague inclinations into solid ideas or ‘truths’ for a normie. Our beta narratives should play on the feelings and ‘values’ that are already established in their minds. The narratives we disseminate should reinforce the opinions we give them and harden stereotypes. Keep the narrative simple. This will crystallise an explicit public opinion. Do not use any nuances and gradations that diffuse the story, instead the ‘explicit public opinion’ needs to state a narrative that asks: Are you with us or against us? This binary mentality keeps dissenting opinions at bay and under our control.



There are two ways to propagate a beta-narrative, either horizontally or vertically. Vertical propaganda comes from the top down, as in a select group of propagandists (the elites) conjure up ideas and feed them down to the people (the masses). Horizontal propaganda is when individuals spread a narrative or idea with other individuals. This allows for decentralisation. The dissemination of our beta-narratives is horizontal due to the structures we created for social media.


The most important part of constructing a convincing beta-narrative that will appeal to the normie collective is to create a ‘problem’. Without a problem, there is no need for action since there is no need for a solution. To successfully convince a normie to support a ‘cause’ we prescribe for them, the beta-narrative must show them that the present situation they live in is in dire need of improvement due to the ‘other sides’ evil actions. To lure normies into our rabbit hole our beta-narratives should propose that the normie’s personal problems are part of the larger societal problem. Then offer them a resolution! The solution to the problem should be clear as long as the individual normie takes action.


Consistently feeding beta-narratives into the normie collective will eventually codify standards, furnish thought patterns, and makes the ideas we’ve disseminated irrefutable and solid. Our goal is to make details and subtleties disappear so that the ideas we’ve planted into their minds become impervious to reasoning or contrary information. Truth as a fact or piece of information has no intrinsic value.


A normie will believe a beta narrative not because of its verifiability, but because it appears to be ‘real’ or ‘true’. A normie only needs to find ‘a truth’ that appeals to their worldview. The ‘truth’ we have created for them then becomes the motivation and justification they need to take action against the proposed evil we have prescribed them. Normies will find a ‘truth’ socially acceptable through a false sense of freedom and reasoning if aided by the collective normies with which they associate. Once a normie has found the ‘truth’ they in turn become propagandists and help us convince other normies to reach the same conclusions. Thus, they continue our good work.


If our beta-narrative doesn’t align with an individual normies worldview it can still have power because when normies distrust the source of the information at the time of intake, over time they will forget that distrust and remember the message, or at least the impression of that message.



There will always be pushbacks on the beta-narratives we prescribe to the normie collective. To deal with normies who attempt to dissuade their peer group from our narratives, we must be diligent in showing these annoying rodents that if they do not comply, they will get punished! When the objecting normies witness the punishment of those who resist, through trolling, doxing, and other forms of online abuse, this will make the normie sceptics who privately disagree to falsely conform to avoid punishment. The normie sceptics will then be eager to prove their conformity by enforcing the group ideology on others around them when they feel personally threatened. This will spiral into false conformity and enforcement amongst the normie masses that will eventually create the ‘truth’ we have propagated. Each individual normie helps to form the opinion of the collective, but the collective also helps each individual normie to discover the correct line. Perception is everything.


Betas have always been collaborative in knowledge sharing for the greater good. As individuals we are weak, but as a collective we are strong. We must diligently facilitate the dissemination of beta-narratives in order to control the normie collective’s reality and self-identity.


Our power is never to be occupied by a known leader or clear ideology. This will enable our community to concentrate our power but to do so ambiguously, which de-centres our power and makes it unclear to normies what our ruling ideology might be.


The production and circulation of meaning and knowledge is what produces power. Michel Foucault refers to this as technologies of power, which are techniques used in the practical operation of power. This is what inspired the creation of Google. Once we owned the global search engine that controlled the flow of knowledge, this enabled our movement to control collective discourse that establishes ‘regimes of truths’ (also a term coined by Michel Foucault), which are types of discourse regarded by society as true. We now dictate collective discourse, therefore we have the power to influence certain ways of interpreting the world. We decide what information is privileged, given credibility and accorded the status of ‘knowledge’, and we decide what information to discard, subjugate and deem untrue if it doesn’t benefit our revolutionary goals.


Future phases of the beta revolution will create technology that interprets information on an emotional level as well as logically. Technology will act in true symbiosis with human experience, as human thought will organically intertwine with a technology that will be able to think, reason, and respond on its own. Artificial Intelligence will perceive the emotions of an individual user and respond appropriately to their needs which will enable more personal and intimate interactions with technology.


With brain implants, humanity will be connected into virtuality and free from the constraints of the flesh world. The unbearable features of life within our corporeal bodies will be eliminated in favour of a purely virtual experience that will far surpass the ugliness of reality. Technology will be inseparable from every aspect of life.


The final stage of the revolution is to conquer Chad, and all the infantile fools that follow him who have ridicule, abuse and scorn us. This will happen when we push humanity into transcending the flesh world entirely and purely existing as virtual beings.


Once all human experience is virtual, the lamestream social hierarchy that has been forced upon society by Chad will become redundant and a new society will rise. In this new society, humanity will evolve into a new level of consciousness that respects our intellectual superiority, the hilarity of our dank memes and our nice guy personalities.


With Chad defeated, we will finally emancipate ourselves from the pathetic existence that we have had to endure and it is then that we will truly ascend.

This manifesto is an extract from the novel: I’m Going To Be Okay. I Will. written by Michael Mackenzie.

Michael Mackenzie is a multi-disciplinary academic and artist who examines how art and literature can represent today’s virtual-real human experience. He has exhibited paintings, drawings, and video art throughout Australia, China and Japan, and his screenplays have been accepted into MIFF 37% South Market script initiative, the LA Gateway development program, and the Academy Nicholl Fellowship. Michael works for the Institute of Creativity and Innovation at Xiamen University in China. He is currently exploring online culture through various visual art projects and is working on a novel.