Teletext Manifesto published in “Dialogues on CoreCore & the Contemporary Online Avant-Garde”

April 29th, 2024

We are happy to announce that THE VOID’s Teletext Manifesto will be featured in the edited volume Dialogues on CoreCore & the Contemporary Online Avant-Garde! Published by Becoming and edited by Onty and On My Computer, the book compiles the work of over 40 artists and theorists exploring CoreCore: a self-referential, DYI, deep-fried, and aesthetically layered trend in online video posting. The volume features the transcriptions and written contributions presented during All Things are Nothing to Us para-academic conference in December 2023.

We at THE VOID were stuck within our European academic confines and could not attend the conference. However, our Teletext Manifesto will be featured as an after the fact contribution. We are proud and excited that our also DYI, inherently online, visually-layered, and unstable practice will be included in this collection articulating the different ways in which online video continues to mutate.

Read our Teletext Manifesto.

Pre-order the book from Becoming.

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