Screenings; Freedom!

Whoops…. being too enthusiastic with blogging I was half an hour early and entered an empty theatre hall. The Screenings for tonight started at 8.30 pm with a Shrek/Ice Age-like movie titled Big Buck Bunny.  The movie is directed by Sacha Goedegebure and produced by Ton Roosendaal from Big Buck Bunny is the surprise act while I was expecting a live performance. I deeply recommend to check out their movie, those guys are doing some seriously good stuff.

At first there was just a small number of fanatics but the cinema slowly filled with more people, and right before the main act started there were about 40 people sitting in the cinema waiting for what would be shown next. However, there was no fixed schedule because we had to vote in a ‘new democratic’ way… The instructions: scream as hard as possible when you hear the title of the movie you would like to see. Wow! We had two choices; The oXcars or a screening from Upgrade!. The voting was pretty much settled because a group of 10 people who made The oXcars were in the theatre clearly stating their preference. ‘Now this is a democratic way of voting! This is how it works nowadays.’ That was blasted loudly through the theatre out of the corner of The oXcars’ fans. No doubt it was their moment of fame!

The oXcars is a hilarious parody on the annual big happening in the US. It is a very nice piece of mixed work with good music performances, good sketches, interviews and a lot more. It was a good mixture of entertainment and at the same time bringing a strong political message to the audience. ‘Don’t be afraid to spread those who really create culture!’ To conclude the screening night of Winter Camp 09 I have four Free’s for you:

  1. Free Music
  2. Free Cinema
  3. Free Culture
  4. Free Communication

For those who missed the hilarious screenings of tonight, don’t worry! As we are all connected to a network, you will be able to find them everywhere and this is one way.

Big Buck Bunny

The oXcars with English subtitles