Screening; freeDimensional

As I went with great joy to the screenings of yesterday, today there is another one I am attending. With excitement I entered the (rather small) workshop place of freeDimensional. freeDimensional organised the screening by themselves and all networks were welcome to join. The setting of tonight was more intimate and personal in comparison with yesterday. Around 15 people were attending their screening and we kicked off with a short documentary interview of Issa Nyaphaga. Issa’s story is all about his life as a political activist and his expressions in art; art is his creative therapy.  

The second part of the screening is a short campaign created by a group of young Brasilians. The campaign is one of the projects of a cultural association Casa das Caldeiras based in Saõ Paulo. The campaign starts with a statement in Portuguese; “rights for true people”. Who are true people and who have the rights? By using avatars or so-called dolls they introduce project. The avatars are placed everywhere in Saõ Paulo; in supermarkets, in someone’s house, during classes and more. The group of young people use the avatars to stand up their rights and they are screaming for attention.  

The third and last part of the screening was an installation of a visit to New Delhi. The installation is meant to be shown at galleries and museums. The New Delhi installation was made by an animal activist Shira Golding.

After all, although freeDimensional seem to be an over-idealistic network with great visions and goals to achieve, their screenings give an impression of real work. Work with concrete projects and missions accomplished. Of course, this objective impression is created by just a small account of their complete work, though their shared community value may be a strong or even their strongest force to produce sustainability for their network.